Who we are?

The setting up of AMECA Investment Company Inc on the 17th of August 1964 with Company Number: 47397, as an investment firm, was a bold step to leverage on private capital for infrastructure development to support rapid economic diversification in Panama. At the same time, it opened up many commercially viable and secure investment opportunities for the private sector. AMECA Investment Company Inc is engaged in investment activities and invesment management services primarily in Panama, Europe, the Middle East, Asia North Africa and other emerging markets. We offer a full spectrum of innovative and unrivalled investment and financial services which include both advisory and asset management.
Co-investing with the private sector, the company endeavours to conceive, develop and encourage diversified investments in the various industrial cities. We believe Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure must be maintained at all times and is essential to business today. We do not use our clients or their information to obtain new business, by disclosing their information to any other third parties. Our leadership and reputation in the industry has never been stronger in our history than it is today. As a result we have established many long-term partnerships.

Our Mission

The trusted investment partner to develop projects in Panama cities and middle east, while providing sustainable stakeholder value.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior in all aspects of our business. We are committed to transparency, fairness, and accountability in our interactions with our policyholders, employees, partners, and the communities we serve.

Chairman's message

AMECA Investment Company Inc epitomizes excellent public-private-partnership success story in the country.

As Panama’s leading invesment management company, AMECA Investment Company Inc has created spectacular landmarks,distinctive residential communities and unique financial retail destinations, which have helped put Panama firmly on the map as a visionary city of the future. At AMECA Investment Company Inc, we believe that our businesses must touch the lives of people meaningfully. We have been serving as a trusted financial partner of the European Union for nearly decades now. Today, we have evolved as a multidimensional and diversified global business entity. We have executed projects worth over US$ 20 billion in the last 10 years, and in 2015 our turnover will exceed US$ 4 billion. But our real strength comes from our commitment to the society. We believe in growing our business while enhancing the lives of people, everywhere we operate. Now, we are one of the largest financial services providers in the region. Our activities span construction and infrastructure, real estate development, hotels and hospitality, Oil & Gas sector, healthcare and wellness, education, information technology, trading and retail etc. Beyond business, we have also invested substantially in ventures of social significance. Our products, like our services, are the best in class in their respective industries. We have business experience with consulting for business practices, accounting practices, sales practices, human resources, recruiting practices and more, to offer our partner ventures to take them to the next level.

Roberto Jorge Torres


Roberto Jorge Torres
Valdo Delgado Anaya
Investor Relation Officer
Brendano Pacheco Fernández
Chief Financial Officer
Emre Guzak
Chief Operation Officer
Juana Hidalgo
Director, Finance & Capital Market
Gary Walker
Director Investment Operations Market
Benjamin J. Davies
Investment & Strategy Manager
Benjamin J. Davies
Director, Portfolio Risk

Our Vision

To be the preferred investment and development partner for strategic sector projects in Madayn industrial cities and Panama.

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