Committed to helping businesses through all stages of their development

Often times within a life cycle of a company, there are capital needs that require a different approach. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the desires of the business owners as well as those of the private market. We are able to provide companies with flexible and tailored capital solutions while acting as a value added partner to management and shareholders to affect the most optimal structure available. AMECA Investment Company Inc assists companies in determining the most desirable capitalization and in locating sources for needed new financing. Many companies need to restructure their balance sheets for reasons ranging from a need to improve debt capacity to a desire to consolidate debt. Others have an inappropriate financial structure for prevailing business and economic conditions. Our understanding of complex situations in businesses and our financial expertise developed over many years enable us to develop creative financial solutions for clients needing restructuring or recapitalization. Our senior leadership works with you to understand your ongoing capital requirements, strategic needs and culture, and apply our strategic advisory skills to position your company to maximize valuation. We have helped companies raise nearly every form of debt and equity capital in both private and public markets—in markets both favorable and difficult. Through our network of institutional investors we tap into the right industry expertise to locate the optimal investor for your situation. Then, our extensive investment banking experience allows us to creatively structure securities that meet your near- and long-term financing needs. AMECA Investment Company Inc utilizes its over 15 years experience to provide hands-on involvement in business and financial services to our clients. Through our built-up network of relationships, we can provide resources and services that are valuable to our clients. AMECA Investment Company Inc can supply guidance and assist in putting the financial pieces together to ready a business for future growth and success. Emphasis is placed on value creation for all of our services. Our involvement with a client begins from concept and ends with implementation. In doing so the company has the ability to deliver an efficient investment management approach to private, corporate and institutional customers. We continue to look for opportunities where we can use our insight into the growth drivers of the underlying business. We believe that this is a more robust source of returns, over the business cycle, than a sole reliance on financial leverage and we invest with the primary intention of creating a measurable social impact. The corporate finance department of AMECA Investment Company Inc consists of experienced and credentialed financial experts that strive to offer the highest quality of services that are tailored for the client’s needs.