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Panama is characterised by its sustainable economic environment, excellent infrastructure and competent human resources. Although Oil & Gas represents one of the major sectors of the economy, Panama has a dynamic and diversified private sector that includes manufacturing, agriculture, mining, textiles, retail, tourism, transport and fisheries. Our firm has accumulated more than a decade of investment experience in growth oriented investments. AMECA Investment Company Inc has developed significant breath and reach by participation in alternate investment transactions of more than US$ 1.7 billion including over one-fourth of investments for its own account. The range of its activities encompass Financial Services, Construction, Clean Energy. Biotechnology, Auto Industries, Oil & Gas, Hospitality as well as Real Estate sectors. We partner with high-quality management teams to build long-term value in companies by driving revenue and earnings growth through operational improvements, strategic repositioning and market expansion, both domestically and internationally. Value is created mainly through operational expertise rather than financial engineering. Only one measure counts: are we helping you meet your financial goals? The first step is to sit down with you and define your objectives, recognizing they are different for every client. Only then do we draw upon our expertise to develop a plan appropriate for your financial situation. The result is a strategy that is uniquely yours and yours alone. While every client strategy is different, all are built on our investment principles and due process: an open architecture approach to investing, a focus on wealth preservation and managing downside risk, the courage to embrace a contrarian perspective, and the integration of asset allocation with an independent, unbiased approach. Our team is comprised of a group of investment and financial/banking professionals with a combination of local and international experience and exposure to a variety of industry sectors and asset classes. As an independent enterpreneur, you know where you want to go. We're committed to helping you get there by empowering your path to pursue your business goals. Purchasing the assets your growing business needs, whether they be vehicle, equipment or machinery, can be a gruelling process. The Fund Management team specializes in developing and managing funds in the MENA region. The breadth and depth of our capabilities gives us flexibility to invest in transactions of various types and sizes. Our track record of 360 private equity investments includes deals ranging from all-equity and leveraged buyouts to growth equity investments, public-to-private transactions and recapitalizations. Depending on the fund we’re deploying, we can invest anywhere from $50 million to $2 billion of equity in companies with enterprise values of $50 million to $5 billion and above. Once the appropriate investment portfolio has been chosen, our dedicated wealth advisor will navigate you through every stage of the investment process and ensure that your portfolio is never compromised. Together with our international banking partners, we work to execute your tailor-made Our Strategy with complete confidentiality and security. As market trends and risk factors are bound to change, Funds Company W.L.L proactively monitors the state of your portfolio, periodically re-evaluates each account, and then carefully suggests alternate investment strategies. Our dedicated investment proffesional works alongside you to determine proactive strategies for the management of your project, and through these periodic re-evaluations of your business idea, we are able to tailor effective investment solutions to meet your requirements.